Rachel Feinstein: Big Guy

Rachel Feinstein

Big Guy

In ‘Big Guy’ Rachel opens up about her life as a “badge banger” (wife of a New York City Firefighter), the odd couple relationship with her thick necked crypto obsessed husband and Rachel’s aggressively liberal turquoise cape wearing family. Her eternal struggle to pull him back from fellow fire fighter Vinnie’s conspiracy theories.

Rachel Feinstein is a nationally touring comedian and actress. AV Club says “Feinstein’s acute observations create silly, sympathetic characters keeping her subtly, exquisitely attuned to her audience.” Rachel was just featured on Amy Schumer’s Parental Advisory which was filmed as part of Netflix Is a Joke and is streaming now . She has had three Comedy Central specials including one hour special, “Only Whores Wear Purple” TV spots include HBO’s Crashing, Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon and Hulu’s Life and Beth.