Tommy Tiernan

Tommy Tiernan has been working as a stand up comedian for the past twenty plus years. He currently moonlights as a chat show host and newspaper columnist. A fearless force of energy, Tiernan is inspiring, and one of the few comics to take his audience on a genuine emotional journey elevating the soul through rich, honest laughs. Tiernan has an instinctive way of crafting words to bring his anecdotes to vivid life and make the jokes truly resonate. Performances are high intensity, high octane, a no holds barred roller coaster ride as Tommy continues his constant interrogation of the big ideas - Sex, Religion, Family through the lens of his quirks, personal demons and sense of outrage. TV credits include: Derry Girls (which returns for a 3rd series later this year) Channel 4 , Dave Allen at Peace BBC (2018), Little Cracker SKY (2012), Love in the 21st Century (1999), Small Potatoes Channel 4 (1999), Father Ted (1998) Film Credits include: Dark Lies the Island (2018), Meetings with Ivor (2017), About Adam (2001), Hold Back the Night (1999), The Matchmaker (1997), The Very Stuff (1997), Angela Mooney (1996).

Tommy currently hosts The Tommy Tiernan Show on RTE which returns for a new series next year.

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