2022 Passports

Découvrez nos passeports 2022

2022 Passports

Get the 2022 Passport and enjoy advantageous rates on indoor shows presented as part of Just For Laughs MONTREAL.

Shows included in the passport (up to date):

  • Bill Burr Slight Return at Centre Bell
  • Many more shows will be announced soon !

PASSPORT JUST FOR LAUGHS = tickets to indoor shows at Just For Laughs MONTREAL

BILINGUAL PASSPORT = tickets to the Just For Laughs MONTREAL and Juste pour rire MONTREAL indoor shows

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The prices currently available are the presale prices only available until the end of the year 2021.
99$ 2 Shows Passport 2022
2 SHOWS + up to 12 free additional tickets*
139$ 3 Shows Passport 2022
3 SHOWS + up to 12 free additional tickets*
215$ 5 Shows Passport 2022
5 SHOWS + up to 12 free additional tickets*

* Some conditions apply.


1. I am about to buy a Just For Laughs MONTREAL passport and would like to have more information.

1.1 What does “inventory reserved for Just For Laughs MONTREAL passports” mean?

The reserved inventory is usually located on the floor and/or balcony. All seating categories offer excellent visibility and differ slightly between shows and venues.

1.2 Where can I find the list of shows available for the Just For Laughs Montréal passport?

There are still many great shows to be announced as part of the 2022 festival programming! Check regularly the list of shows presented as part of Just For Laughs MONTREAL here and subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss anything Just For Laughs MONTREAL and Juste pour rire MONTRÉAL.

1.3 Can I use my included tickets for the same show?

As mentioned in our communications and at the time of the purchase of your passport, tickets must be selected from different shows (1 ticket per show). We invite you to obtain a second passport in case you wish to attend with someone.

1.4 Can I give a passport as a gift?

Yes, and it's a great idea! The passport is the best way to see more shows at a low cost. Just enter the information of the person to whom you are offering the passport at the time of purchase. But beware! Enter your own email otherwise the confirmation email will be sent to him/her and you will spoil the surprise!

* ATTENTION: As soon as you have offered the passport to the lucky person, contact us to have the associated email address changed in order for them to receive the show offers. *

1.5 What does "up to 12 additional free tickets during the festival" mean?

This means that in addition to your included shows, you will be able to add up to 12 additional tickets to your passport for the shows of your choice from the available inventory selected during the dates of the festival, from July 13 to July 31, 2022 (dates to be confirmed).

The shows available will be offered by email and the offers may vary throughout the festival allowing you to discover other shows, always depending on the available inventory and demand.

1.6 Does the passport allow me to see French-speaking shows as part of the Just pour rire Festival?

Yes! 2022 passports are bilingual! Be sure to select the bilingual option (Just For Laughs MONTREAL and Juste pour rire MONTRÉAL) when purchasing the passport; you will have access to all the festival's programming!

1.7 What are the conditions for using the 2022 passport?

Tickets included: Tickets included must be selected from different shows (1 ticket per show). Applicable on the Just For Laughs MONTREAL and Juste pour rire MONTRÉAL inventory selected; limited inventory, subject to availability. Passport and selection of choices expire at the end of 2022 festival (dates to be confirmed).

Additional free tickets: Based on available inventory, limited quantities, during official festival dates (dates to be confirmed). The offers may vary throughout the festival allowing you to discover other shows. Offers will be communicated at different times; offers are subject to change without notice based on available inventory and demand.

2. I bought my passport and I wish to activate MyAccount.

2.1 What is the MyAccount customer platform?

MyAccount is a customer portal that allows you to administer and reserve your tickets under a single platform.

2.2 How can I activate the MyAccount customer platform?

Nothing's easier!

  • 1. Click here to access the MyAccount customer portal;
  • 2. Log in, making sure to use the same username and password created when you purchased your passport.

2.3 I forgot my password! How can I recover my account.

Nothing's easier!

  • 1. Click >here to access the MyAccount customer portal;
  • 2. Select the "forgot password" tab;
  • 3. Enter the requested information and make sure to enter the same email address used during the purchase;
  • 4. Access your emails. An email has been sent to you with a password reset link;
  • 5. Click on: follow the requested steps.

3. I already have my passport and I have questions regarding how it works.

3.1 How can I select my shows included in my passport?

Very simple!

  • 1. Click here to consult the list of shows available;
  • 2. Select the show(s) of your choice;
  • 3. Select the date and time;
  • 4. Choose your ticket(s) from the available inventory by clicking on the desired seat(s);
  • 5. Enter the number of the passport you wish to use;
    *WARNING! * Make sure to enter a different passport number for each selected ticket *
  • 6. That's it! You will receive in the next few seconds a detailed confirmation of your reservation with your electronic ticket attached (PDF format).

3.2 I lost my passport number! What can I do to get it back?

  • 1. Click here and go to your customer account;
  • 2. Log in to your account by entering your username and password. Make sure to enter the email
  • 3. Locate and click on the "passports" button;
  • 4. Obtain your passport number.

3.3 I want to go to a show with my friends, but I didn’t buy my passport with them. Is it still possible?

Of course!

  • 1. Have all your friends' passport numbers ready;
  • 2. Select the show(s) that interest you from the list, then the date and time of your choice;
  • 3. Choose your tickets from the available seats;
  • 4. Enter the passport numbers of each friend;
  • 5. That's it! You and your friends will receive in the next few seconds a detailed confirmation of your reservation with an e-ticket attached, PDF format.

3.4 When will I receive my physical passports?

2022 passports are electronic! You will therefore not receive physical passports. Keep your passport number received by email in a safe place and make your choice of shows right away.

3.5 When will I receive the tickets that I have booked with my passport?

A few seconds after booking your tickets, you will receive an email confirmation with your electronic tickets in PDF format attached. You just have to present them in paper format or on your smartphone at the entrance of the show’s theatre!

If you haven't received anything within a few hours of booking, check your spam emails.

3.6 I misplaced the tickets that I reserved with my passport, how can I get them back?

First check your spam emails; if you can't find anything there, contact our ticketing service by clicking here. Specify the passport number as well as the concerned show and we will be happy to assist you.

3.7 When can I reserve my additional free tickets?

The reservation of these free tickets will be possible during the festival (dates to be confirmed). Offers will be communicated by email at several moments to notify you of shows available. Reservations are made exclusively online!

3.8 How can I reserve my additional free tickets?

Reservations will be possible during the festival (dates to be confirmed) and can only be made online, in the same way as booking your included tickets. The procedure and the offers will always be communicated to all members by email.

Here are some tips to ensure that your experience is optimal:

  • Have your passport numbers ready.
  • Choose Chrome as your internet browser.
  • Favor the computer over the tablet or mobile.
  • Make sure that you have received your booking confirmations as well as your electronic tickets and that the following information is included: name of the show, hall, date, time, row and seat number.

Freebies are offered in limited quantities depending on available inventory and on demand.

If you are having technical issues, even after following these steps, contact our ticketing service at boxoffice@hahaha.com.

3.9 Do I have to use my passport before a specific deadline?

Yes! The 2022 passport expires at the end of the festival (dates to be confirmed). Make sure you have made your shows selection before the festival starts to get better seats!